Hydraulic Crawlers

Atlas Copco ROC D3
Atlas Copco ROC D5
Atlas Copco ROC D7
Atlas Copco SmartRig ROC D7C
Atlas Copco Silenced ROC D7C
Atlas Copco ROC D5/D7 RRC
Atlas Copco ROC F7
Atlas Copco ROC F9
Atlas Copco ROC L7
Atlas Copco ROC L6/L6H
Atlas Copco ROC L8
Atlas Copco ROC F7CR
Atlas Copco ROC F9CR
Atlas Copco ROC L7CR
Atlas Copco ROC 203 PC-TH
Atlas Copco ROC 203 PC-DTH
Atlas Copco ECM 585MC
Atlas Copco ECM 660IV
Atlas Copco ECM 720
Atlas Copco CM 780/CM 785

Atlas Copco ROC D5/D7 RRC

Designed to meet the toughest terrain with great operator safety
  • Takes you safely to places where you usually don't dare to go
  • Accurate collaring in rough terrain through total flexibility of operator position
  • Exceptionally stable thanks to low center of gravity and rigid hydraulic support leg

Hole range ROC D5 RRC 35-89 mm
1 3/8" - 3 1/2"
Hole range ROC D7 RRC 64-115 mm
2 1/2" - 4 1/2"
Rock drill ROC D5 RRC COP 1238ME, COP 1338MEX, COP 1238LP, COP 1838LE
Rock drill ROC D7 RRC COP 1838ME, COP 1838MEX, COP 1838/40HE, COP 1838/40HEX
Drill steel (3.6 m /12 ft) ROC D5 RRC R32, T38, T45
Drill steel (3.6 m /12 ft) ROC D7 RRC T38, T45, T51
Cat engine ROC D5 RRC 117 kW
159 hp
Cat engine ROC D7 RRC 159 kW
216 hp
Compressor FAD at 8.5 bar (123 psi) ROC D5 RRC 85 l/s
180 cfm
Compressor FAD at 10.5 bar (152 psi) ROC D7 RRC 105 l/s, 223 cfm or
127 l/s, 270 cfm

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